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Sewage Backup and Cleanup Atlanta

911 Restoration Atlanta is here for our community if they are experiencing sewage damage. We just want to let you know that everything is going to be alright.

Water Damage Restoration Basement Wall Removal From Water DamageThe team here is:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Available 24/7/365
  • And has Same-day service
  • Arrive within 45 minutes.

These are all ways that we show our customer base that we care for them. Furthermore, it is also what you need when it comes to sewage backup.

You deserve a restoration company you can trust, and that will be there for you, in any matters. If you are in need of a new beginning, then call us at 911 Restoration Atlanta. We will be there for you.

The Fresh Start After Sewage Damage

The fresh start attitude is the idea that everything is going to become better than it ever was. Sewage backup in Atlanta, can be a nightmare. It can sweep away your confidence and peace of mine, so we are here to bring you a second chance.

Water Damage Restoration On First Floor BathroomWhen it comes to restoration, we are about more than just repairing homes, as what we aim for is to restore your psyche.

We embody the fresh start by being the positive in every negative. Therefore, our sewage backup techs are IICRC certified in order to be the tailored solution to whatever you are facing.

To elaborate, sewage restoration is a diligent blend of water damage restoration, and microbial remediation. We know exactly where to start when it comes to cleaning the mess up, and making your living space pristine, again.

For example, raw sewage is classified as category 3 water damage, and therefore should not be navigated through by a homeowner. Our team is equipped to assess the situation because we show up to every job with a gas masks and hazmat suits.

This allows us to get into the source of damage and set up pumps to get all the mess out. After it has been cleared, we begin treating the space with blowers, fans, and sanitation efforts. It is imperative that the space is effectively dried to help limit microbes that cause smells.

We do more than boast a fresh start, we are the shoe it in our work. Call us at 911 Restoration if you are in need of a new beginning after experiencing sewage backup.

Avoiding Sewage Surprises

Avoiding sewage backup in Atlanta, is as easy as following these steps that we have outlined for you. For example, do not treat your toilet like a waste bin. By throwing things in there you create blockage, and you add to existing ones.

Water Damage Restoration Van Being PreppedTake flushable wipes, and throw them away. Despite their namesake, trust us. They do no dissolve effectively. They will become pulpy, so that they will get caught in anything that is in the way.

Furthermore, things such as cotton swabs, plastic wrapping, tissues, and other object should not be flushed as well. The only thing that can go down that drain is things intended for a toilet.

The next way to avoid backup is by keeping plants with deep root systems away from sewer lines and septic tanks. It is possible for them to penetrate into the pipe system and cause a rupture, which would not be good.

We know accidents happen at any time, so if you experience, then give our sewage backup cleanup Atlanta team with 911 Restoration Atlanta a call for fast service and a fresh start today!

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