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Water Damage Duluth

The categories of water damage are listed in three classes. Category 1 is clean water spilled from an overflowing sink or an incoming water line. This water is relatively safe initially, but should still be wrangled by our water damage Duluth operatives so that all moisture is dried and mold cannot rise from the disaster.

Category 2 is considered grey water usually coming from outgoing lines on showers or laundry machines. Gray water contains dirt and bacteria that harm humans if digested. To avoid any health risks, allow 911 Restoration Atlanta to make your home perfect again after a category 2 flood.

Category 3 implies a backed up toilet or similar issue. This is highly dangerous, causing rashes if it comes into contact with skin and worse issues if ingested. Call 911 Restoration at the first sign of a category 3 disaster and we will respond in full hazmat gear.

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