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Water Damage: Pipe burst

Published by 911 Restoration Atlanta on October 1, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration with tags: ,

Have you ever been the victim of water damage? I have. It’s not a good thing to have happen. I have had a pipe burst in the winter time, a clogged toilet that spilled sewage into my basement and water heater leaks as well. Anytime I have had this happen I have had to have water damage restoration in my house. It doesn’t matter whether I have been the victim of storms that caused floods, or plumbing leaks under my sink I have hired someone to perform water damage restoration. Most companies that specialize in water damage restoration are equipped with the latest drying technology. They are able to perform flood clean up, flood damage in a crawlspace, damage from a toilet overflow or a faulty fire sprinkler. I have had to have the do sewage clean up, flood clean up, drying, water extractions, water repair, water removal, water clean up, and water mitigation in flooded houses. A hose on my clothes washer burst and they were able to give me same day service even with certified water extractions, all sorts of ruptured hoses, and basement flood clean up.

So no matter what your issue is, water damage restoration can fix all the problems caused by water damage. Companies that provide restoration services can also restore cabinets and perform water recovery. I highly recommend water damage restoration.

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