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Commercial Building Maintenance Checklist – What Do They Look For?

Published by SEO on October 29, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

commercial building restorationCommercial building maintenance can be a lot of work, but not staying up to date with it can lead to very expensive issues, not to mention the damaged employee morale and business performance. Because of the relatively large footprint and versatile usage of commercial properties, they are more at risk of water damage, fire, or other internal disasters.

In this article, we will look closely at how expert disaster restoration services can help you keep your commercial building properly maintained and up to code.

Commercial Building Maintenance Check

The primary purpose of a maintenance check is to check for and avoid any damage to any part of the building. This includes the structure itself, individual offices, and the building’s façade. If you find any damage, it should be dealt with immediately, preferably via commercial restoration companies.

One of the biggest problems that commercial building owners have to face is contractors or occupants recommending unnecessary repairs based on their experience. While this isn’t the tenant or other occupant’s fault, it is important that you explain to them that every building, climate, and location is different.

The repairs and maintenance done should reflect the primary purpose of the commercial building. When determining what is important to you and what isn’t, make sure you consider this list carefully. If there is anything that you feel is important but isn’t mentioned, though, feel free to add them to the list.

What Is the Best Time for Commercial Building Restoration & Maintained?

The best time to check your building for maintenance issues, water damage, fire and smoke damage, or more, is during spring. The melted snow can lead to water damage, which can turn into mold by spring.  Furthermore, autumn and winter debris can get lodged into sewage, while dry leaves can hide in the corners (hence creating a fire hazard).

Commercial Building Restoration & Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect your HVAC system, filters, and ducts for dust
  • Service your HVAC system at least once a year
  • Make sure there are no trees within 8-15 feet of the building.
  • Clean/maintain the landscaping, especially if there are plants inside the building.
  • Inspect dark, humid places such as washroom corners and the entire top floor ad basement (if any).
  • Reestablish the watering schedule for glasses and plants. Make sure the gardener doesn’t water too much near the commercial building’s foundation
  • Get hardscapes pressure-washed
  • Inspect the roof for any damages or leaks.
  • Clear the drains and gutters.
  • Ensure that the trash and recycling remain clear and the area is in good condition.
  • Inspect the parking lot and the surrounding road for any damage. Floods can often lead to damaged roads, which may indicate damage to your foundation.
  • Check plats for rot
  • Find any spots with peeling paint or rust. Make sure it is dealt with as soon as possible since this can be a prelude to a very dangerous commercial disaster.
  • Make note of any erosions in the area and ensure that there is no seepage into or from your building.

Commercial Building Maintenance Check for Fall & Winter

There are some very specific instructions and checklists that commercial building restoration workers go through during maintenance in fall and winter. These include:

  • Keep on removing fallen leaves. NEVER leave dried leaves in your parking lot. All it takes to ignite them is a simple spark!
  • Get the boiler/furnace serviced. This is particularly necessary for high-rises in Atlanta
  • If there are any sprinkler systems installed around your facility, make sure you winterize them.
  • Regularly inspect plumbing fixtures for leaks. Even the slightest leaks can mean that the water is freezing over or expanding. If you see signs of taps or pipes beginning to leak, try to relieve the pressure by letting some water out. Commercial restoration companies can help you insulate your pipes and avoid damage during the winter.
  • Seal any cracks in the wall or asphalt before the frost.
  • Continuously inspect rooftops, especially during and after winter rains
  • Check the common area, especially near the water dispenser. Employees often forget to clean any spills on the ground. This can be a particularly big problem if the floor is wooden.
  • Ensure all outlets and light switches are operating properly. If there are any flickering light fixtures, get them fixed immediately to reduce the risk of fire damage.
  • Keep window glass, mirrors, and other hardware clean. Remove debris from windows as soon as possible.
  • Test the fire alarm.
  • Replace water filters.
  • Get a fire inspection done
  • Keep stairways and railings well maintained
  • Make sure all door closers, holders, hinges, and locks are fully operational.

Keeping your commercial building well maintained is key to upholding your professional outlook. Not only do you get to appeal to your employees, but the clientele as well. 911 Restoration of Atlanta can help you stay up to date with your commercial property restoration, disaster mitigation, and maintenance needs. Give us a call today or request a service online to learn more about how we can help!

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